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- canon toner

- How to Extend Printer’s Life? Supplies is the Key
- The Money-Saving Methods of Choosing Canon Printer Consumables
- The Secrets behind Canon Laser Printer Consumables

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 The Secrets behind Canon Laser Printer Consumables Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

We are all familiar with laser printers, and we use them to print all kinds of documents every day, but the source power behind them is the laser printing consumables. Do you know all about it? We usually think of laser printing is too expensive to afford it. In fact, with the correct using methods, the laser printing can save money as well.

When talking about saving money, how does canon's laser consumable work? Now let me uncover the secrets of the consumables.

One-piece toner cartridge

To make people free from worry, canon has taken the main components of all to achieve integration, which is not easy to wear and tear, also eliminate the phenomenon of powder leakage. One hand it can guarantee the typescript clear sharp, on the other hand, it saves a lot of maintenance cost of consumables. The design of the combination of toner cartridge and powder such as canon 104 black toner cartridge, its part like OPC, carbon powder, charger and cleaner are integrated, which is convenient for maintenance and more durable.

Fine and durable carbon toner

Canon's ink powder is very high and the melting points is lower, even in low temperature, it can dissolve and firm into shadow, then the printing accuracy is higher and the toner is more durable for printing. What's more, canon toner is specially designed for canon printers, and can be melted quickly at low temperatures. However if you use other inferior toner, the melting point can't be completely absorbed into the paper, the ink powder will fall off easily, resulting in the printing paper partial color is not clear and other phenomena, which the loss outweighs the gain.

The creative on demand fixing technology, saving more time and money at the same time it helps environmental protection.

Canon uses on-demand fixing system, only for heating the local parts of the pottery in the fixer. The heat conduction efficiency is higher, but it can instantly heating toner image fixing on the paper, the home page is faster and more powder saving. Time is money, compared with the traditional roller fixing methods, the heat in the fixing process of canon will be transferred directly to a small area, then the carbon powder can quickly melted and that's why the home page output speed is faster and more energy saving.

The above is the three secrets behind the canon toner cartridges, whether the cost of the printer is high is largely depend on the consumables. So when you purchasing the consumables next time, reliable and high-quality canon toner cartridges should be firstly considered.

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 The Money-Saving Methods of Choosing Canon Printer Consumables Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

How to compete with the high cost of printing, smart printing really save money? This is a protracted war. Buy quality and cheap laser printer is only the first step, more money to save the door or reflected in daily use. Most of the cost of printing documents from the consumption of consumables, so to completely defeat the high cost of printing, the key is to do enough to save money homework.

Economic model printing

Reduce printing costs, save ink is the key. In fact, printer manufacturers mostly provide economical ink-saving printing modes. For example, Canon laser printers set the "save toner mode" in the driver, and the user can select this mode when printing some documents for internal reading. In ink-saving mode, Canon laser printers and the canon toner cartridges print quality has also been recognized by users and professionals in the industry, although the color of printed text is slightly lighter, but the text printing accuracy is still maintained at a high level.

Toner save mode is available on the Canon Laser Printer Settings page

Poor quality supplies In order to be able to use the printer, the volume specifications of the toner cartridge and cartridge are completely imitate the original supplies to make, so these supplies of toner loading is also fixed, in theory, and only the original toner The amount of filling consistent. Since it is quite the size of the toner, why the actual print a lot of difference? This is due to the use of other low-quality supplies more toner using the grinding process, so these supplies in the toner particles are extremely irregular shape, charged paper will absorb more compatible toner, the toner in the printing process phase Than the original toner consumption faster, so the total print volume will naturally be reduced. Canon's original carbon Powder print a single document less dosage, which is the same volume of supplies, Canon genuine supplies consumables like cannon 104 toner than other brands print the larger the root cause.

Out of the box damage risk cannot be ignored

This unboxing loss of almost nothing in the original supplies, good production technology and delivery services to ensure that the hands of the user supplies with good quality. Good quality supplies and good after-sales service also put an end to the possibility of even one ten thousandth, even if the user encountered the case of supplies damaged out of the box, but also be timely and effective after-sales service support.

Therefore, users really want to be smart and money-saving printing, must not just because of a purchase price to choose either of them. We must take into account the compatibility of consumables, and print consumables use costs. In order to better save money and save costs.

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 How to Extend Printer’s Life? Supplies is the Key Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

When consumers are choosing printers, they should think about their lifespan in addition to thinking about the price, cost, and features. Consumables life, we can see, but the printer is not so easy to judge. So what are the factors that affect the life of the printer? In fact, as one of the key components of the printer, printer supplies play a very crucial role in the equipment, such as the inkjet printer cartridges, laser cartridges or toner cartridges used. Consumables as the continuation consumables of the printing equipment must be replaced after each use. However, in addition to the original consumables, compatible consumables, ink, toner, and consumables are available, but the available space is very large. The application can also affect the life of the printer. This is why most printer problems are caused by supplies.

Four ways to extend printer life

1. The correct use of the printer is a condition for extending the life of the printer. When encounter difficulties, try not to blindly guess how to deal with difficult problems, such as presenting jams. Many brothers will pull the jammed paper out. This is not correct, try to find after-sales service or repair staff to deal with.

2, Try to use the genuine consumable like canon 104, although the use of capital will be high, but to prevent damage to the printer due to supply problems and the situation. For example, if you have chosen the inferior consumables, you will often be bothered by the trouble caused by inferior consumables.

3, Regular organize and protect the printer can effectively extend the life of the printer. With respect to laser printers, it is possible to periodically arrange toner protectors, paper feed rollers, air vents and other components, as well as the acquisition of a special laser printer "cleaning paper" to clean the printer.

4, Each printer such as canon printer has a monthly print load, try not to exceed this number in the use of, if a large amount of print, can be divided into multiple times to complete each time you can print a few minutes to pause and then print the next time, due to overload Printing speeds up the loss of printer components. Only then not only you can improve the efficiency of the printer also take most use of the canon toner.

In fact, extending the life of the printer can bring out the maximum value of the product. This is also a way to handle the cost. Although the printer equipment is updated faster, but under normal conditions, a printer can use about 3-5 years.

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